WOLFANG GA420 4K 60FPS Action Camera

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【10M Bare Body Waterproof】

【4K/60FPS Video & 20MP Photo】

【High Quality Accessories & Dual Microphone】

【6-Axis 3.0 EIS Anti-Shake Function】

【Double Screen & Touch Screen】


Key Features

【10M Bare Body Waterproof】WOLFANG GA420 waterproof camera is a new generation of 8M bare metal waterproof underwater cameras. In the shallow water or rainy and snowy days, you can throw away the waterproof case and play freely. After installing the included waterproof case, your underwater adventure can reach a depth of 40M.

【4K/60FPS Video & 20MP Photo】WOLFANG GA420 vlog camera is a built-in 4K camera that offers up to 4K video resolution at a frame rate of 60 frames per second to capture all the details of your adventure. The resolution of photo shooting can reach up to 20MP, which clearly reproduces the shooting scene and freezes the beautiful picture at the moment of shooting.

【High Quality Accessories & Dual Microphone】GA420 gopro accessories are customized high quality accessories with high quality materials, ergonomic design, comfortable touch, less resistance and smoother when mounting. GA420 is equipped with an external noise-cancelling microphone that can pick up clearer sound in noisy environments.

【6-Axis 3.0 EIS Anti-Shake Function】WOLFANG GA420 helmet camera has an advanced electronic 6-axis EIS anti-shake function, which greatly improves the stability and smoothness of the video. When doing strenuous activity, the video is still silky smooth, and it's easy to capture the dynamic and wonderful moments of the activity.

【Double Screen & Touch Screen】WOLFANG GA420 go pro camera adopts an advanced double color screen design, which can freely switch between front and rear screens. The vivid front screen is specially designed for your selfie needs, and the back is a 2-inch sensitive touchscreen that can respond quickly with the touch of a finger.

WOLFANG GA420, Underwater Ten Meters Without Waterproof Case Dual-screen Action Camera


>Material:Black Plastic

>Camera angle:170° Fisheye Wide-Angle

>Touch screen:2.0 inches LCD

>Battery:Two 1350mAh Li-ion Batteries

>Video Format: MOV

>Image Format:JPG

>Interface:USB 2.0

>Light Source Frequency:50HZ/60HZ

>APP:iSmart DV2

Upgrade Six-Axis EIS image stabilization, entering a new stage of 3.0 EIS

Compared to WOLFANG GA300 and GA320, GA420's six-axis EIS anti-shake function is fully upgraded, making the motion capture more smooth and silky.

Alloy Body Underwater 10 Meters Without Waterproof Case

The body of GA420 is made of aluminum alloy and ABS material, which is more textured and durable than other PVC plastic action cameras. The high quality material allows the GA420 to be waterproof to ten meters without a waterproof case.


Performance Parameters:

Video Resolution:4K 60FPS/2,7K 30FPS/1080P 60FPS/1080P 30FPS/720P 120FPS

Photo Resolution:20M/16M/14M/12M/8M/5M

Battery Life:4K Video About 80 Min/1080P Video About 120 Min

Waterproof Depth:40M

Function Parameters:

Electronic Image Stabilization:EIS

Slow Motion:1080P/720P

Time-Lapse Video:1s/5s/10s/30s/60s/off

Timed Photo:2s/10s/off

Loop Recording:1min/3min/5min/off

Continuous Recording:3 photos/5 photos

Diving Mode:Restore true underwater colors

Auto Mode:Automatically record when power on

Camera Lens Cover

The package comes with a black silicone lens protector, which is light and flexible enough to protect the lens from scratches.

Screw Hole to Fit Tripod

A threaded metal hole at the bottom allows you to attach the selfie stick directly, or you can attach the waterproof case to your bike using the accessories included in the package. A small design that brings unexpected comfort.

Sealed Body Waterproof

The camera housing is made of high-quality material that brings water resistance, even without the waterproof case, the sports camera is water-resistant up to 8 meters, so you can use the camera to shoot both in rainy time and in the pool.

Product specification

WOLFANG GA100 4K 30FPS Action Camera
WOLFANG GA100 4K 30FPS Action Camera Sale price€55,99 Regular price€69,99
WOLFANG GA200 4K 24MP Action Camera
WOLFANG GA200 4K 24MP Action Camera Sale price€84,99 Regular price€119,99
WOLFANG GA420  4K 60FPS Action Camera
WOLFANG GA420 4K 60FPS Action Camera Sale price€126,99 Regular price€149,99
WOLFANG GA100 4K 30FPS Action Camera
WOLFANG GA100 4K 30FPS Action Camera Sale price€55,99 Regular price€69,99
WOLFANG GA200 4K 24MP Action Camera
WOLFANG GA200 4K 24MP Action Camera Sale price€84,99 Regular price€119,99
WOLFANG GA420  4K 60FPS Action Camera
WOLFANG GA420 4K 60FPS Action Camera Sale price€126,99 Regular price€149,99
Video resolution

4K 30FPS

4K 30FPS

4K 60FPS

Photo resolution

20 MP


20 MP


40 m with housing

40 m with housing

10 m without housing and 40 m with housing


2 x 1050 mAh

4 x 1050 mAh

2 x 1350 mAh


Dual microphone

Built-in microphone

Dual microphone

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
andy richards

I have the GA200, but fancied an upgrade.
The GA420 is certainly a great improvement on the other models
Build quality is fantastic, solid and a little heavier than previous models.
Buttons are a little harder to push, but that's no bad thing imo, as on the older models I tended to change modes or start/stop recording, by accident, not the case with this camera.
Stabilization is again, a huge improvement.
Video and picture quality is great.
If you buy this and wonder where the " horizon fix" is on the menu, you can't have that on as well as the stabilization on at the same time!!

The mic provided also gives some excellent audio. The built in mic, still not amazing tbh. One drawback in using the external microphone, is you have to leave the door open which covers the usb and hdmi slots, when in use, but it's ok.

There's loads of good stuff to mention, but easier for you to watch YouTube reviews.

In summary, I'd say this camera is well worth the money, it's is great for the majority of users, unless you're a pro or vlogger.

GoPro killer? Not quite in every aspect, although battery price, battery life, and battery reliability, yes. GoPro still have battery problems imo, this doesn't.

I'm very happy with the camera, and would recommend it.


First impression is an action camera of good build quality and performance. I'm using GA420 for cycling, on Sametop Chest Harness from Amazon (great harness!). Pleased that I don't have to used the supplied 40m casing. For cycling in rain basic camera is adequate, durable, robust and small size. I'm using the tripod mount screw fixing with Sametop adapter to chest plate. I tried 2.7k resolution on first ride but vertical field of view in Wide Angle mode lacked upper distant road/sky view when riding with racing handlebars (body leaning downwards). Changing resolution to 4k the GA42 uses more of the image sensor pixels so increases vertical view and solves this problem. In Sametop reviews some users monted camera upside down and inverted image to vertical view angle. In 2.7k lasted more than 1.5h each battery. Image stabilisation is good, particularly vertical motion. Experience so far this is really good value for money and recommended.
Only negatives are:
1. Limited documentation, particularly doesn't mention the remote.
2. Camera arrived set to German language - took a while to discover how to change to English
3. Remote tested by trial and error. I discovered pairing with camera by holding both buttons down for a few seconds. In use, after close pass by a car, I pressed red for still photo expecting video recording to continue, but camera later shut down after time-out, video recording stops when photo taken. Press gey to restart recording, there is a faint sound for video record/stop. However, with chest harness LED indicating video record state isn't visible so easy to get.

sketching with photons

Until now, I’ve always bought GoPro cameras. Let’s be honest, you can’t beat them when it comes to quality … but what good is quality when your camera is as unreliable as a GoPro? I’ve them wipe my SD card, freeze without me realising (hard to tell when you’re on a motorbike) and have had sound issues galore due to shady adaptor connections. Sorry GoPro, but we’re through. It isn’t me, it’s you.

After much research and the recommendation of a friend I trust, I decided to try the Wolfang GA420. Coming in at about a third of the price of a GoPro, I wasn’t expecting much and was quite prepared to just have it as a spare if necessary. It won’t be necessary.

In terms of size, the camera itself is comparable to the GoPro, but from the get-go it feels heavier and more solidly built than the more expensive competitor. The screen on the front is an unexpected and welcome bonus at this price and is a godsend for self-footage. The number of extras that come as standard is enough to make a GoPro owner weep.

J. W. Cooksey

In terms of still image quality I was quite impressed versus my experience with another brand. At an additional 4 megapixel (24 megapixel) over its competitors, it does seem to make a difference. Rich colours, reasonable sharpness. Images can accept a 50% zoom without degrading the image too much. Detail is a little lacking versus a good mobile phone and you are never going to read a number plate at distance (for example). But nevertheless it does produce reasonable quality snaps.

When recording in 4K it gobbles up the memory. You can use 215 mb in 30 seconds. 2.7K 170 mb and 1080p 110 mb. With image stabilization, in some cases memory consumption is reduced. I found that with stabilization enabled, there was a subtle reduction in picture quality in all cases i.e. more smoothing and less detail. 4K 60 fps was just too jittery for me and vertical lines were jagged and flickering. My preference was 2.7K or 1080p 60 fps and without the image stabilization.

Daylight shooting is great, but as daylight deteriorates you start to see some grain. But it works well in low light conditions, until maybe dusk. Sound recording is, in my opinion, quite good.

The unit itself fits in the palm of your hand, and is of reasonable quality. It is quite heavy at 4.7 ounces or 133 grams (with battery installed) and my Hohem gimbal trembles when the camera is attached. If I remove the battery, the gimbal is fine, so there is about half an ounce excess.
It only has a wide angle, not super wide and the image stabilization is only available for certain video resolutions.

I would have preferred to have had a battery charger supplied as part of the accessories as it seems to be super hard finding a standalone charger that will take the GA420 battery. One of the simplest things provided by Wolfang is a simple rubber lens cap. What genius.
In summary, this is never going to match high end mobile phone cameras. But for a budget action camera that produces quite good quality video footage and costs little more than 100 I don’t think I can complain.


Good quality for the price, works well for cycling, easy to use. Very cool little gadget, and comes with plenty of clips and mounts, I use the helmet mount personally. Ace! Thank you.

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