Yoton Y3pro Mini Projector with WiFi Bluetooth, Portable Projector Full HD 1080P Support, YOTON Video Projector for Home Theater

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  • RGBIC Dream-colorful Effects
  • Music Sync Mode
  • Triple Control Ways
  • Multiple Scenes Available
  • Easy Installation 

Style: Y3Pro Black With WiFi & Bluetooth

Product Description

The Best Choice in the Projection World- YOTON mini Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth

Mini Marvel: Unleash Your Entertainment Anywhere

The mini projector that's about to rock your world of portable entertainment! Whether you're planning a movie night under the starry skies or gearing up for an action-packed game day, this little wonder is here to fulfill all your needs. Say goodbye to worries and hello to maximum fun with our mini projector! Get ready to experience portable entertainment like never before!

Blazing Fast Connectivity, Effortless Entertainment

Get ready to have a blast with our mini projector! This mini projector may be small, but it's huge on speed and convenience. Thanks to its lightning-fast 2.4G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, your entertainment is just a click away. Whether you're binge-watching your favorite series or cranking up the volume on your ultimate playlist, the mini projector has got your back. The mini projector is compact enough to fit in your pocket, its connectivity knows no boundaries. So why wait? Join the mini projector revolution and get ready for an epic entertainment experience!

Please notice that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and some similar apps do not support screen mirroring due to copyright protections.

*You can hook up a streaming stick like the Fire TV Stick or Roku Stick to the projector via the HDMI port.

*The other way is to use an HDMI connection* to connect your PC/Laptop to stream on the mini projector.

How to Connect the Mini WiFi Projector to your Devices?

Connection with iOS Devices

1.Connect the mini projector to your home network: [Network] -> [Network Settings] -> Scan -> Select the Home Network -> Enter the password -> Connect

2.Keep both the mini projector and your iOS device connected to the same WiFi network and go to [Connect to iOS device] on the projector.

3.Turn on the [Screen Mirroring] function on your iOS device, and select "Y3-XXXX" in the search results.

Connection with Android Devices

1.Select [Connect to Android device] on the mini projector.

2.Turn on the WLAN/WiFi on your phone >> Turn on the [Wireless Projection] in the phone setting.

3.Select [Y3-XXXX] in the search results.

Portable Mini Size

Compared to bulky projectors, the compact size of the mini projector makes the mini projector effortless to pack in your backpack or suitcase and take with you on the go.

Whether you're traveling for work or leisure, our mini projector is the perfect companion for your projection needs.

Comprehensive Accessory Set

The mini projector comes with all the essential accessories, including the projector, remote control, HDMI cable, power adapter, user manual, and cleaning kit, ensuring you have everything you need to enjoy a wonderful projection experience from the moment you unbox it.

*The smartphone adapter is not included.

Versatile Connectivity Options

The mini projector has multiple interfaces, including HDMI, AV, USB, and AUX, making it ideal for use in various scenarios.

You can transfer content from your computer, DVD player, game console or other multimedia device to the projector and display it on the big screen.

Comprehensive Accessory Set

Featuring a manual focus wheel and ±15° keystone correction function, setup is a breeze, and operation is simple.

With the convenience of the included remote control, adjusting the image size has never been easier.

25% Zoom Function

Supports screen size adjustment from 100% down to 75%, which allows the Y3 projector to adapt to different room sizes and environments, ensuring that you always have the perfect projection experience.

Flexible Screen Size Adjustment

With a projection size range of 30 to 120 inches, you can easily adjust the distance between the projector and the wall to achieve the perfect viewing size, recommended between 40 to 100 inches.

Experience the ultimate in wireless entertainment with Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity

The mini projector is not only a compact Wi-Fi projector but also a Bluetooth wizard! With the wireless connectivity of the mini projector, you'll have the freedom to roam around while enjoying crystal-clear, high-quality audio that's sure to blow your socks off. Thanks to the mini projector's Bluetooth capabilities, you can easily pair it up with speakers, headphones, or any other audio device for an immersive entertainment experience like no other. Get your hands on the mini projector today and embrace the ultimate in portable entertainment!

How to Connect the Bluetooth Projector to your Devices?

1.Go to the Settings page on the projector.

2.Use the remote control ">" button to enter the Bluetooth settings.

3.Turn on the [BT Mode] and search for available devices.


*Bluetooth connection with smartphones or computers is not supported,because the mini projector and these devices are inputs, they cannot be connected directly.

*The mini projector’s Bluetooth function can only connect to one device.

*When using this mini projector, turn off Dolby Sound for optimal audio performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can't I play Netflix/Hulu/Prime Video videos on this mini projector?

Due to copyright protections, streaming services do not support screen mirroring. You can hook up a streaming stick like a Fire TV Stick or Roku Stick to the mini projector via the HDMI port, or use an HDMI cable to connect your PC/Laptop to stream on the mini projector.

2. Why can't I connect my phone to the mini projector to use the WiFi function, despite following the steps?

Please first check if your phone model has a screen mirroring function before ordering the mini projector with WiFi Bluetooth.

*Samsung A series and Google smartphones are not supported

3. Why can't my USB disk be recognized when I insert it into the mini projector?

The mini projector is compatible with black-colored USB 2.0 flash drives with a memory of less than 64 GB.

*USB 3.0 flash drives (blue-colored interface) are not supported by the mini projector.

4. What should I do if the screen shows "no signal"?

After connecting your device to the mini projector, select the appropriate signal source [HDMI] or [USB].

* If the mini projector shows No Signal at the beginning, press the [Back] key on the remote control to return to the main menu and re-select the signal source.

* If trying the above steps doesn’t work, please use the [Win]+[P] shortcut key, which is a shortcut key used for the window connected to the projector, and check whether the signal source is correct.

*If there is no signal from the HDMI connection, please connect the part that connects to the projector to the TV.

5. Why is there a delay on the projected screen when I connect my smartphone?

WiFi environment will affect the connection quality, please connect the mini projector to a stable 2.4G WiFi environment. In addition, it is recommended to download the video to be projected in advance to reduce network lag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Justin Peter
Nicht gut

Haben den yoton y3pro mini projector nicht bekommen hab gut Bestellung nicht erhalten


Product was great while it lasted; I contacted support and they literally sent out a whole new unit for me to have! This is by far the best customer support I’ve ever dealt with! If you want great support buy this ASAP! They even gave express shipping so that I could get it before Christmas. Thank you Jack/ Team!


Projector is compact and lightweight, perfect for on the go. The image was clear when pointed to my wall and even clearer when pointed to my kitchen cabinets lol. The price is very fair compared to other projectors.


While I originally bought my Yoton mini projector so that I would have a big screen TV for my camper that I could project on the biggest open space inside the camper. That space would be the ceiling. I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep if I was worried about it falling on me while I slept. The projector eliminates those worries and works better than expected.
I tried it out in my spare bedroom at home and found that even in a partially lit room, the brightness and clarity was hard to believe. I found that by backing up the projector ( physically walking it back, not the other kind of backing up) it would expand to fill the entire wall, 126 inches wide, and still maintained its clarity. I am now thinking of taking out the bed and making it a Movie Room. For under a hundred bucks, it is definately a good buy. I now have one for the camper, and one for the Movie Room.


- 720p HD sieht toll aus und ist für die meisten Zwecke gut genug.
- Der HDMI-Steckplatz ermöglicht die Nutzung von Firestick oder Roku Stick für Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, etc.
- Klein und sehr tragbar
- Einfach zu bedienen
- Kopfhörerbuchsen
- Linsenkappe
- 8000 Lumen, hell für Größe und Preis
- läuft leise
- überhitzt nicht

- Begrenzt auf 100 "oder so an der Wand Ecke zu Ecke ... aber das ist in Ordnung für die meisten Menschen!
- Kein Bluetooth 5.0 ... die Lautstärke ist ziemlich niedrig
- Kein 1080p HD... aber 720p HD funktioniert gut!


Dies ist ein fantastisches Geschenk für Ihre Kinder oder Teenager, oder sogar für einen Erwachsenen, der gerade in die Welt der Projektoren einsteigt und nicht weiß, ob er bleiben wird.

Es handelt sich um ein Gerät für eine oder zwei Personen, d. h. Sie sollten nicht erwarten, dass Sie damit große Gruppen von Menschen kompetent unterhalten können.

Der Ton ist in Ordnung, aber nicht sehr laut, und die maximale Bildschirmgröße ist für ein paar Personen gut geeignet, aber definitiv nicht für fünf oder mehr Personen.

Ich würde sagen, dass dieser Projektor am besten für Junggesellen geeignet ist, die eine ruhige Wohnung ohne störende Geräusche im ganzen Haus haben, oder für Kinder, die nur in ihrem Zimmer Filme schauen.

Dieser Projektor eignet sich gut für Einzelpersonen oder ein Paar, das eine ruhige Nacht im Bett genießt.

Der Wert ist aufgrund des niedrigen Preises und der Tatsache, dass 720P HD für die meisten Filme ausreicht, hoch. Sie brauchen kein 1080p HD, es sei denn, Sie sehen etwas wie Avatar oder Der Marsianer mit Matt Damon. Auch die Star Wars-Reihe wäre auf 1080p HD besser aufgehoben, da die riesigen, komplizierten Hintergründe von der verbesserten Auflösung profitieren können.

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