CEYOMUR CY65 WiFi Trail Camera

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【WiFi Connection and APP Control】

【Advanced 30MP Image & 1296P Video】

【0.2s Trigger Speed & Broader Detection Range】

【Enhanced Nighttime Shooting Quality】

【Upgrade IP66 Waterproof & Multifunctional】


Product Description

Key Features

【WiFi Connection and APP Control】Equipped with the built-in WiFi Bluetooth function, this trail camera lets you view and download pictures & videos on your phone without taking off the hunting camera. Even if it is installed at a high place, you can modify the settings and check the camera angle on your phone. No monthly fee. All you need to do is stay within the range of the WiFi signal.

【Advanced 30MP Image & 1296P Video】This game camera captures 30MP pictures and 1296P videos, showing you a vivid and wonderful wildlife world. With its 2.0” LCD Screen, it moves you closer to watch the animals, brings you an immersive visual experience.

【0.2s Trigger Speed & Broader Detection Range】With the upgraded three PIR sensors, the trigger speed of this trail camera will be up to 0.2s, you will never miss any fantastic movement for wildlife monitoring. A wider detection range of 120°provides a more accurate and excellent motion detection performance.

【Enhanced Nighttime Shooting Quality】- Featuring 36PCS low glow LEDs, this WiFi trail camera delivers quality black&white photos at night without alerting animals. Even in the dark night, this video game camera captures every movement of the animals clearly.

【Upgrade IP66 Waterproof & Multifunctional】With the tighter waterproof design, this trail camera holds up well in bad weather and conditions. The integrated half-open cover design lets you check the camera angle directly via the LCD screen. This game camera has multiple features such as target recording time, time-lapse, audio recording, password protection, and time stamp (including date/temperature)(NOTE: The SD card and the batteries are NOT INCLUDED in the package)

CEYOMUR 30MP WiFi Trail Camera CY65

Fed up with taking off the trail camera to view videos? This is why CY65 trail camera is created:100% wire-free file transmission, preview the recorded video on your phone and download it easily.

-Warm Tips

1. SD card, power adapter and batteries are NOT INCLUDED in the package.

2. This trail camera is NOT a webcam. The WiFi connection of the game camera has a distance limit of 32ft.

3. We usually suggest 8 high quality alkaline batteries, e.g. Energizer AA, Duracell AA. (Note: rechargeable lithium batteries cannot be used)

4. Rechargeable batteries are available. Please use high quality rechargeable batteries, such as Energizer AA rechargeable batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries.

5. CEYOMUR CY65 trail camera is compatible with a 6V 2A power supply. The size of the suitable port is 3.5 x 1.35mm.

6. CEYOMUR CY65 trail camera supports SD card up to 128GB, the speed requirement of SD card is not less than Class 6.

7. Please do not use a Micro SD Card with a card adapter. Please format the SD card before using the camera.

8. When switching to ON mode, the screen will turn black in 5 seconds, which means the camera is working.

9. If you have more questions, please let us know. We will resolve your problems immediately.

-User-friendly Camera Body Design&Convenient Operation

This wifi trail camera body is ergonomically designed. The same side of the screen and lens let you adjust the camera position much easier and more accurately. Compared with the bottom micro SD card slot, the side standard SD card slot reduces the possibility to drop the card.

A high-quality waterproof rubber ring is built into the edge of the trail camera and the battery case to effectively prevent water from entering the device.

This game camera is designed with a lock hole, which lets you use a padlock to lock the camera case and protect data security.

-1296P Native Video & 30MP Crisp Image

CEYOMUR game camera captures stunning pictures and ultra-high quality audible video, restore the most authentic and beautiful wildlife world.

-Broader Range & Faster Triggering

Equipped with 3 PIR sensors, this wifi trail camera brings 120° detection angle, which makes the motion detection faster and more accurate. With 0.2s trigger speed, you won't miss any exciting moments in the wildlife world.

-Advanced Infrared Night Vision Shooting

The trail camera will automatically switch to night mode once it detects dim light. 36pcs IR LEDs help to capture close-up details of the animals in pitch darkness.

-WiFi Connection & APP Control

The Bluetooth function is used for device detection, the built-in WiFi for connection, and data transmission between mobile phones and cameras. You can check the game camera's capture area, preview and download images or videos, and change the settings of your trail camera on the APP even if the camera is installed at a high place.


1. The connection principle of the mobile phone and trail camera is that Bluetooth is used for discovering the camera, WiFi connection is used for data transmissions such as preview, playback, image transmission, and settings.

2. This hunting camera only supports direct Bluetooth and WiFi connection between your phone and camera. It is not supposed to connect to a WiFi router, WiFi hot spots, or network. In open areas, the WiFi connection range can reach 32ft.

3. The App does not support the function of detection notification. You can open the App to check the camera's capture area or preview the gallery.

4. When your trail camera is connected, the camera is switched to TEST mode and the motion detection will be disabled. If you disconnect your WiFi trail camera, your camera can switch to ON mode and start detecting movement again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Art Gallagher

The night vision isn’t all the great but I did catch someone and somewhat of there face. Still would recommend on getting for a starters camera.


Pues eso. Un jabalí quiso raptarla. Le dió un mordisco y la arrastró decenas de metros hasta que desistió de ella. Yo quería la cámara para ver quien me talaba y robaba oliveras y al final el dichoso jabalí me dió un susto.
Eso sí, la cámara es bien resistente. Apenas unos rasguños.
Buena calidad de imagen. Buena medida de colmillos tenía el bicho.

Jennifer D.

Ho acquistato questa foto trappola sapendo l'utilizzo che ne avrei dovuto fare . Purtroppo lo potuta utilizzare solo per una settimana poi che un cinghiale ha avuto la brillante idea di romperla. Visone notturna e video molto buoni facilissima da impostare e anche possibile impostarla dal cellulare con l uso della app. Si possono scaricare i video e foto tramite il WiFi ma se le foto e la video sono molti ci vuole tanto tempo. Ma il bello è l assistenza poiché dopo che un cinghiale l'ha rotta ho contattato l.assistenza per sapere se ci fossero i pezzi di ricambio da acquistare nel giro pochissime ore mia contattato e mi ha detto che il pezzi di ricambio non erano disponibili ma mi avrebbero inviato un prodotto sostitutivo senza nessuna spesa io non molto fiducioso ho dato tutti miei dati e dopo tre giorni o ricevuto a casa una foto trappola nuova con le stesse medesime funzioni e caratteristiche . Non mi è mai successo il miglior servizio clienti mai visto

Great Product!

For the value the CEYOMUR CY65 is an excellent camera. Very easy to setup with the on-screen menu, you can aim the camera very easy with the built-in view screen on the camera. The WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity is a great feature. There are some issues when downloading the videos from the camera to the phone via the app. You pick up some sort of digital noise in the video audio. BUT if you pull the SD card and watch the videos on your computer that digital noise isn't there. So, it has to be coming from the actual download through the app. If all you want to do is set it out and every so often change out the SD card you will have great photos and videos. Would I recommend this camera, check out my review video of the CEYOMUR CY65 on J & J True Outdoor Adventures YouTube channel.

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